Description du contenu du cours

Course Outline


  • The Client-Therapist Approach
  • Client Files
  • The File
  • Questionnaires
  • The Interview
  • The Examination
  • The Object of the Examination
  • The Form of the Examination
  • Analysis of the Questionnaire
  • The Treatment Plan
  • Follow-up Visits
  • The Report

General State and Vital Hygiene

  • Questionnaire Regarding General State
  • Questions Regarding Vital Hygiene and Eating
  • Habits
  • Helen’s Case
  • Revision

Health Education

  • Questionnaire Regarding Health Education
  • July’s Case
  • Revision
  • John’s Case
  • Revision
  • Michelle’s Case
  • Revision
  • Alfred’s Case
  • Revision


  • Questionnaire Regarding Nutrition
  • Ariane’s Case
  • Revision
  • John’s Case
  • Revision
  • Exam
  • The exam consists in compiling three “Clinical Case Studies” client files. The first will focus on the General state, the second on Health Education and the third will focus on Nutrition. The “follow-up” section for each case must include recommendations or treatment considering Health Education, Nutrition and General State.