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Description du contenu du cours

Course Outline

Student’s Guide
  • Deadline
  • Objectives
  • Teaching Method and Work Requirements
    • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Course Book
    • Beginning the Course
    • Planning Your Work Schedule
    • Answering the Questions
    • Correcting Your Answers
    • Exam
    • Sending Activities to the College
  • Useful Information
  • Course Presentation
  • Bibliography
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Representation

Electromagnetic Fields

  • Electromagnetic Fields and Electrical Appliances
  • Electromagnetic Fields and the Human Body
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • The Electric Field
    • What is an Electric Field?
    • Unit of Measurement for the Electric Field
    • Measurement Examples of the Electric Field
    • Diminishment of the Electric Field with Distance (in V/m)
    • Degrees of Harmfulness Related to Electric Fields
    • Protection Against Electric Fields
  • The Magnetic Field
    • Influence of the Current (comparison with the hydraulic system)
    • Units of Measurement for the Magnetic Field
    • Examples of Magnetic Field Measurements
    • Diminishment of the Magnetic Field with Distance (in mG)
    • Degrees of Hazardousness Related to the Magnetic Field
    • Protection Against Magnetic Fields
  • Impact of Voltage Variation on the Electromagnetic Field
  • Production and Distribution of Electricity
    • Work Frequencies
    • Revision
    • Activity 1

Research Studies Pathological Aspect

  • Introduction
  • Pineal Gland and Melatonin Study
    • The Role of the Pineal Gland
    • External Factors that Influence the Pineal Gland
    • Effect on Sleep
    • Effect of Melatonin on Cancer
  • Magnetite Study
    • Introduction
    • Magnetite and Electromagnetic Fields
  • Scandinavian Statistical Studies
    • Magnetic Fields and Cancer in people Living Close to High-voltage Power Lines in Sweden
    • Magnetic Fields and Childhood Cancers
    • Conclusion
    • Revision
    • Activity 2

Further Research Studies

  • Introduction
  • Effects on the Eyes
  • Effects on Sleep
  • Effects on Reproduction
  • Hyper Frequencies and Cancers
  • Hyper Frequencies in Relation to Subject Size
  • Effects on Active Implants

Cell Phone Safety

  • International Norms
    • French Norms
    • Norms in the Ex-Soviet Union
    • Norms in Other Countries
  • Revision
  • Activity 3

Everyday Hazards – Computers

  • Introduction
    • How Computer Monitors Function
    • Computer Pollution
    • Effects on Our Health

Pollution at the Workplace

  • Introduction
    • Pollution in Offices and Industry
    • Remarks Concerning Certain Types of Professions
    • Electric Train Pollution
  • Revision
  • Activity 4

Pollution in Homes

  • Pollution in the Living Room
    • Pollution in Bedrooms
    • How Some Types of Pollution May Be Avoided
    • Special Cases
  • Revision
  • Activity 5

High-Voltage Power Lines

  • Electromagnetic Fields Produced by High-Voltage Power Lines
  • The Charge of a Line
  • Further Effects of High-Voltage Power Lines
  • Norms
  • Revision
  • Activity 6

Stray Current

  • Sources of Stray Current
  • Stray Currents and Animal Health
  • Revision
  • Activity 7

Cell Phones and their Antennae

  • Introduction
  • Frequencies and Strengths Used by Different Phones
  • Units Used for High Frequencies
    • Specific Absorption Rate
    • Density and Strength
  • Wave Length
    • Penetration of a high-frequency wave into the body and “hot spots”
  • How Cell Phones Work
  • How Antennae Function
  • Revision
  • Activity 8

Curative Waves

  • The Origins of Electromagnetic Medicine
    • Albert Abrams and the Destruction of Microbes Through Resonance
    • Roy Rife and His Magic Inventions
    • Antoine Priore and the Antibiotic Properties of Waves
  • Therapies Based on Magnetic Field Waves
    • The Millimetric Wave Transmitter
    • The Electric Crown
  • The Rhythm of Live Beings
    • The Russian Vision of Electromagnetic Therapies for the Future
  • And in the West?
    • Norman Shealy and the TENS
    • Daniel Kirsch and the MET
    • Electric Stimulation of the Brain – CES
    • Magnetic Fields – The Pilla and Bassett Method
    • Electro-Acupuncture from Voll
  • Revision
  • Activity 9


  • Exam
  • Instructions
  • Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Answer Grid for Course #225
  • Validation Form